My name's Matt Hackett and this is my personal website. Here are some hopefully interesting things about me, in a descendingly less interesting order:

Me playing foos
  1. I'm co-founder of Lost Decade Games, an independent game company where I work on HTML5 games fulltime.
  2. I was a web developer from 2003 to 2011, working at places like Yahoo! and Raptr.
  3. I contributed 60 seconds worth of music to Capcom's Street Fighter 2 HD Remix.
  4. I've written one professional game review (of Dark Spire for DS).
  5. In 2009, three friends and I won first place at a VIFA-recognized foosball tournament.
  6. In my teens I was cast as an extra in a painfully bad movie called Betaville.
  7. I graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication (and a minor in Marketing).
  8. I was born the day John Lennon died.

This website is open source. The design is dynamically updated based on the weather and time of day where I live. More info can be found in the README file.

I can be reached at

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Onslaught! Arena Play my first game Onslaught! Arena in your browser for free.

You can read about my wacky adventures in indie-HTML5 game development on the Lost Decade Games blog.

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