Game Development by Matt Hackett

Well hello! I'm Matt Hackett, an obsessive game developer in California.

My specialty is 2D games in JavaScript or TypeScript, but I make games using whatever technology makes sense for any particular project.

I love wearing many hats, including producer, game designer, artist, and more.

Sometimes I even express myself in other mediums, such as my #1 bestselling book How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself.

Matt Hackett

Indie Game Development

Pixel Washer

Pixel Washer (2024)

Made in hand-written JavaScript in a homegrown ECS (entity component system) architecture.

Indie Game Sim

Indie Game Sim (2016)

Made in hand-written JavaScript using a custom game engine.

A Wizard's Lizard

A Wizard's Lizard (2014)

Made using a custom JavaScript game engine. I programmed most of the UI and much of the gameplay (and drew all of the art).

Mobile Game Development

The following games were all made for the online multiplayer Plato platform. I wrote every line of code to create these games (except Dungeon Tales, where a second developer helped).

Match Monsters

Match Monsters (2021)

Dungeon Tales

Dungeon Tales (2020)


Werewolf (2019)


Archery (2018)

Draw Together

Draw Together (2017)

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