Redesign 2018

Why redesign

In the 2017 design, I couldn't publish a new post to this site without a title and thumbnail image. That design was meant to both create a more visually interesting website, as well as forcing me to draw more often.

However, this image requirement put a bottleneck on my creativity.

This website is meant to house my creative output, which starts with words. If the design doesn't encourage that and make it easy, then it's not doing what it was designed to do -- it doesn't really solve its problem.

This ineffective design may be the result of trying to solve too many problems at once. In "fixing" multiple problems, I ended up not really fixing any problem.

The design needed to change to make words first class citizens. Images that used to be required are now optional, celebrated here with only lonely words. My hope is that this will create fertile soil in which to write with freedom.

So here's to untethered creativity and to keeping it simple.

(Fun fact: most of this site's designs from previous years can be found in the new sidebar, dating all the way back to 2010.)

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