20 Shining Force Chibis

Shining Force chibis

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A global pandemic is a good time to stay inside and draw. When things are stressful, I like to retreat to my happy places.

Shining Force means a lot to me. It's one of only 5 Sega Genesis games that I still own in its original, magnificent case. This summer I beat it again and am happy to report: it holds up. So long as you're OK with a little grind, it's got a lot to offer. Engaging combat, fantastic character designs, beautiful hand-drawn sprites, and absorbing music.

Plus, the secrets! Hidden characters, powerful weapons, and costume changes! What more could you ask for?

As an excuse to spend more time with these great characters, I drew all of my favorites. At first I just drew Max as an experiment, but had so much fun I continued with Zylo. Then obviously I had to get Domingo in there ... and the momentum continued longer than I expected. Somehow this turned into easily my biggest fanart project.

I wondered if I might draw all 30 characters but I lost steam at 20. The remaining characters are kind of duplicates: Diane looks like Hans, Amon looks like Balbarboy, Torasu looks like Lowe ... I might get to them eventually but in the meantime I wanted to move on to other projects. Maybe I'll circle back someday.

Next up: Dragon Quest II! Watch this space.

I'll be posting all of these individually on Twitter along with a few thoughts about the characters. Hope you enjoy, and stay healthy.

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