Giant Clown Process

Giant Clown

Drawing can be the most fun when you don't know what you're going to draw.

Giant Clown 1/4

Sometimes I like to make random marks until a vision emerges, like a mirage in the desert.

Giant Clown 2/4

Some marks reveal specific forms. Some make only suggestions.

Giant Clown 3/4

Due to its loose nature, the doodle is almost always missing a key detail. With a minor tweak, the clown now reaches inside the building. Now the clown shows violent intent. It is more menacing and the scene more harrowing.

Giant Clown 4/4

Most doodles make it to adolescence and are abandoned, which is fine. Usually they are too ambitious or aren't satisfying enough.

For whatever reason, this one held my attention longer than most.

Giant Clown process

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