All 30 Shining Force Characters

Shining Force characters

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Finally did it. Started these back in August of last year, with less intent and more hope that I would circle back eventually.

Got back into it with Luke, whose right hand is too big, but I do not care. Amon was just as much fun as Balbaroy, and Pelle was so fun I immediately finished up Vankar, too. The rest were all "fine" until Diane, whose head is mysteriously gigantic. I don't know how that happened, considering I draw over a skeleton underdrawing. She looks especially humongous next to Arthur who is tiny for a centaur.


Lastly there's Earnest, who is a forgettable centaur but for some reason I think one of the most solid drawings. It's nice to end on a high note.

This is by far my biggest personal fanart project and it feels good to be DONE. Some of the other projects I want to tackle like Dragon Quest II and Final Fantasy 4 seem small by comparison.

Thanks for looking.

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